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Asevi Gerposta plus floor cleaner

Asevi Gerposta plus floor cleaner

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Asevi believe that everything starts at home and have developed a range of effective cleaning products which leaves your house smelling fresh and beautifully clean.

Asevi Disinfectant is a powerful cleaner which combines both the great cleaning power of Asevi products with the bacterial effectiveness for surfaces and floors.  Unlike some other disinfectants this is perfumed which also leaves an outstanding fragrance behind which is fresh and smells of absolute cleanliness.

Features and benefits

  • Multi-Purpose Floor and Surface Cleaner: Specially formulated to work on contact, deep cleaning and disinfecting all types of floors including stoneware, porcelain, marble and laminate flooring; Use also to disinfect all washable surfaces including basins, toilets, baths, showers, sinks, countertops, appliances, rubbish bins etc. 
  • Kills Viruses: Effectively eliminates 99;9% of germs; bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Safe to use around pets and children and ideal in nurseries and other public places.
  • Powerful Clean: Leaves your floors and surfaces beautifully clean, disinfected and shiny without the need for bleach.
  • Recyclable Packaging: Asevi care about the impact, which is why they are proud to offer a full range of cleaning products with recyclable packaging which is also made from recycled materials.
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