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3 Brujas (3 Witches) Pargras Degreaser

3 Brujas (3 Witches) Pargras Degreaser

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Made by 3 Brujas (3 Witches) this powerful grease remover is suitable for ovens, hobs and even stains in the washing machine. Unlike usual degreasers this can be used directly to spray on to stains on clothes. Throw them into into the washing machine and you will see the most powerful stain removal tool.
Recommendations: always wear gloves when using this product. Always do a patch test too, if unsure, spray on a sponge/cloth and wipe on instead of spraying directly (especially on hoods on hobs). Never leave the product to run for long periods to avoid discolouration. Always wipe after with a hot damp cloth and buff with a dry soft cloth or sponge for best finish.

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