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Ambar Essential Oil for Humidifiers/Diffusers - Eucalyptus

Ambar Essential Oil for Humidifiers/Diffusers - Eucalyptus

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Ambar is a brand in Spain known for having exceptionally high quality products with 0% alcohol content and using natural extracts of products formulated for exclusive aromas and the characteristics of aromatherapy.

The intensive use we make today of heating and air conditioners in enclosed spaces generate environments with excessive dryness that affect our health; irritating our breathing and causing dryness in the skin and eyes causing our daily stress level to increase. With the Amber essence oil for diffusers/humidifier, you will create a healthy environment with the optimal levels of humidity that your body needs, while you can enjoy all the aroma-therapeutic benefits of the natural "Amber" essences, directly vaporised in the environment.  


Water vapour which restores the optimal humidity values in the environment

  • Improves breathing
  • Avoids dry eyes and skin


  • Reduce stress
  • Balance emotions 
  • Improves concentration


     - Helps create a relaxing atmosphere


Other essences have a high percentage of oily part and do not manage to mix in the water, so we do not receive

100×100 of their aroma when they are vaporised and even worse, they end up generating an oily residue in the tank that can irretrievably spoil the humidifiers.  Choose your aroma,  and if your diffuser/humidifer has a light function, a tone of light and start breathing well-being. 50ml.

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