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Disiclin Silver Fabric Softener

Disiclin Silver Fabric Softener

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Disiclin is a popular brand in Northern Spain and has been a trusted brand for families for years.  Their hallmark products include their incredible range of floor cleaners and multi-surface cleaners.

Disiclin Silver is a premium fabric softener with high concentration providing a cost-effective solution that effectively softens fabrics, reduces static and leaves your clothes smelling fresh for longer. 

This fabric softener is free of parabens and phosphates, do not test on animals and use ingredients designed to be kind to sensitive skin. They also use recyclable bottles. 

Elevate your laundry experience with Disiclin Silver for that soapy fresh fragrance and long-lasting freshness. 36 wash. 720ml.


Suitable for all types of fabrics and washes.


Add the fabric softener to the washing machine drawer according to the required strength and softness and as indicated on the label.

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