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Air Wick Freshmatic Refill Nenuco 250ml

Air Wick Freshmatic Refill Nenuco 250ml

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Air Wick Freshmatic is a refill for the automatic spray air freshener. Fill your home with the fresh and soft scent of Nenuco cologne. Lasts up to 80 days on minimum setting.

Directions For Use:

Do not point the device towards your face, always keep it away.

Turn off the appliance before inserting a new refill.

To open the device, press down on the top button on the bib and push the front cover forward.

Insert the spray refill, pointing the nozzle forward.

When you close the lid of the appliance you should see the black hole of the nozzle through the hole through which the fragrance comes out.

Close the device, without pointing it towards your face, and select the intensity level of the fragrance.

The spray will start spraying after 15 seconds

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