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Ambar Dama De Noche Reed Diffuser

Ambar Dama De Noche Reed Diffuser

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Dama De Noche (Night Jasmine) Reed diffuser has a semi-oriental floral note of tangerine, and fruity on top (jasmine, thry, violet), woody-cedar, sweet vanilla and musk;

Presented in a 30ml bottle this diffuser promises a long lasting, potent aroma that eliminates bad odours and infuse spaces with the enduring and powerful scent of their cologne. All Ambar products contain 0% alcohol. Duration +45 days.

Directions for Use:

Insert the rods into the liquid after removing the lid. Wait for the absorption and turn them over. Place the bottle on a stable surface. The aroma will gradually spread to fragrance the environment. Adjust the intensity as desired for a continuous aromatic experience.
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