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Ambar Flame Effect Humidifier 3.0

Ambar Flame Effect Humidifier 3.0

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The Ambar Humidifier 3.0 has an LED strip which lights up the mist as it escapes the machine, creating a flame effect.

The flames are realistic, yet are completely harmless mist escaping from the machine.  Not only that, the fragrance that you choose to put in the water aromatises the room, ensuring you not enjoy the effect of the machine but also experience the aroma as it fills your room. 

This machine would be great in the bedroom, a space where you meditate, treatment room or simply as a showpiece in your room. 

The connector is USB, so it is perfect to plug in to your computer or USB socket.  It is recommended you use a connection with at least 1A of power.

Simply plug in, add water and your chosen fragrance oil/diffuser juice. Sit back and relax and lose yourself in the flames.

We stock Ambar Essential Oil and Diffuser Juice suitable for the humidifier.

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