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Ambar Spa Reed Diffuser

Ambar Spa Reed Diffuser

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 Ambar is a brand in Spain known for having exceptionally high quality products with 0% alcohol content and using natural extracts of products formulated for exclusive aromas and the characteristics of aromatherapy. 

Ambar perfumes are made up with over 15 years extensive knowledge and experience in the perfumery industry in Spain and are not simply designed to smell great with a long duration, but are also designed to look modern and add to your space, looking amazing in the process.

Ambar air fresheners also have odour-neutralising properties allowing you to enjoy pleasant aromas in the different areas of your home.

Spa has an output of calm marine notes which combine with ozone and Ariel floral notes. The body of water Lillie’s and jasmine flowers give transparency to dive into a sea of exotic algae. The base is a sea of hot cedar and sandalwood. 

Presented in a 30ml bottle this diffuser promises a long lasting, potent aroma that eliminates bad odours and infuse spaces with the enduring and powerful scent of their cologne. All Ambar products contain 0% alcohol. Duration +45 days.

Directions for Use:

Insert the rods into the liquid after removing the lid. Wait for the absorption and turn them over. Place the bottle on a stable surface. The aroma will gradually spread to fragrance the environment. Adjust the intensity as desired for a continuous aromatic experience.
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