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Asevi Pink Mio Multi-surface Cleaner

Asevi Pink Mio Multi-surface Cleaner

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Thoroughly cleans and disinfects all surfaces leaving them with the fresh, intense and long-lasting scent of Asevi Mio.

Ideal for all types of flooring including parquet, tile (ceramic, matt, gloss), laminate and vinyl. and all washable surfaces in the home such as countertops, sink, appliances, tiles, toilets, sink, bath, shower.

Baby objects (chair, changing table..), pet accessories, bins, etc.

Effective at eliminating bacteria , fungus and viruses. Vegan friendly, Cruelty free and 100% recyclable bottle. 1280ml.

Before using the product, read the label carefully. A pre-treatment test must always be performed to verify the compatibility of the product with the surface/material.


FOR NORMAL CLEANING: dilute 3 caps in a bucket of water (5L). (1 cap =30ML)

FOR A SURFACE CONTACT DISINFECTION: apply by means of a cloth or mop with the product diluted in water, respecting the dose and contact time.

- Bactericidal action: use diluted in 5% water leaving the product to act for 5 min. (50ml for each litre of water)

- Fungicidal action: use diluted in 10% water leaving the product act for 15 min. (100ml per litre of water).
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