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Disiclin Concentrated Fabric Softener - Ropa Limpia

Disiclin Concentrated Fabric Softener - Ropa Limpia

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Disiclin are a well established and trusted brand in Spain, known for its wide range of cleaning and laundry products.

Disiclin super concentrated Ropa Limpia fabric softener leaves your laundry smelling clean, fresh and the fibres feeling soft. 40 wash. 800ml. 


💧 Concentrated Formula: Powerful and effective, offering up to 40 washes per bottle

✨ Luxurious Softness: Leaves fabrics feeling incredibly soft and comfortable                       against your skin

🌸 Long-Lasting Fragrance: Infuses your laundry with a scent that lasts

⚡ Static Reduction: Minimises static cling & creases, making clothes easier to iron and        wear


Gentle enough for delicate items and suitable for all types of fabrics and washes.


Add the fabric softener to the washing machine drawer according to the required strength and softness and as indicated on the label.





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