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Dobla Floral Floor Cleaner

Dobla Floral Floor Cleaner

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From the manufacturers of Las 3 Brujas (The 3 Witches), the Dobla range is infused with gorgeous and unique fragrance, whilst being a tough and powerful concentrated floor cleaner.

Just simply add a cap full of the Dobla fragrance to your mop water and experience the beautiful unique floral fragrance that will linger around your home for hours. 

Top Tip: mix a capful of Dobla with hot kettle water and soak your dish cloths for around 30 minutes. Wipe surfaces down and the scented water will freshen up your sink and waste pipes. 

Alternatively mix 1/2 a capful or less of Dobla with water in a spray bottle and use to clean worktops, doors, radiators and woodwork to further enhance the scent in your rooms. 1L.

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