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Brumol Azul Degreaser

Brumol Azul Degreaser

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This is one of the star products of the Brumol brand. Not only is it a concentrated degreaser but also has stain remover power when applied on washable surfaces. In Spain it is known as the product ‘with a thousand uses’ as it is effective when applied (on kitchen and bathroom tiles, extractors, ovens, hobs, BBQs, air fryers, plastic, wood, fireplaces, grout, fabrics, upholstery among some of it’s uses). Brumol Azul is a powerful and extra strong cleaning product that works against all types of dirt, grime and grease. It easily removes grease from ovens, pans, kitchen worktops, tiles, extractor hoods, dishwashers, clothes, shoes, tyres, chains and many more.

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