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Gotas Frescas Agua de Concentrada

Gotas Frescas Agua de Concentrada

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Instituto Español was founded in 1903, in the tradition of European perfumery and since then it has been producing perfumery and cosmetic products.


The characteristics that distinguish their Spanish products are excellent quality at an unbeatable price.

Gotas Frescas Cologne is known worldwide.

Fresh and intense, it manages tone and stimulates as well as providing a lasting feeling of wellbeing. 

With its concentrated unique and long-lasting aroma it is known to deter the risk of being bitten by flying insects (the dreaded midge) in the UK and the more exotic in Europe. 

Exposure to light can produce slight colour changes, without altering quality and aroma.

A favourite cologne for its freshness and durability. You will love it!  250ml spray.

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