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KiRiKo 3 in 1 Limpiador WC

KiRiKo 3 in 1 Limpiador WC

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KiRiKo 3 in 1 toilet cleaner tackles the toughest toilet grime and build up dissolving unsightly stains, disinfecting and deodorising in one easy step. 

If your toilet looks dull or not looking it’s best  - give it a deep clean. 

  • Powerful formula removes stubborn stains, dirt, grime, and limescale with ease
  • Fast-acting foam clings to surfaces for maximum cleaning power
  • Fresh pine scent leaves your bathroom smelling clean and sanitised


To open, press the lid on the marked parts and turn. To close, turn counter clock wise until it clicks.

Squirt generously under the rim and around the walls of the toilet. Leave the product to act for 20 to 30 minutes then flush the toilet to eliminate the remaining product.

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