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Mimosin Caricias Fabric Softener

Mimosin Caricias Fabric Softener

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Mimosin have been taking care of your clothes for 50 years and have learned a lot from them. And most importantly, well-cared clothing, softness and long-lasting freshness will always be the essence of all Mimosin products 

Mimosin Caricias (cuddles) softens the fibres of the fabrics leaving them pleasant to the touch and uses a special formula that gradually releases its baby fresh fragrance throughout the day.

Helps to maintain the colour of your laundry, promotes quick drying and prevent lint from appearing on your clothesMimosin lubricant film acts so that your clothes won't wrinkle as much, reducing ironing time.

It’s dermatologically tested formula is perfect for babies or those with delicate and/or sensitive skin.

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