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The Fruit Company BlackBerry Flower Diffuser

The Fruit Company BlackBerry Flower Diffuser

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Blackberry Scented Flower from The Fruit Company. A crush for your heart and your sense of smell!

55ml scented cellulose flower air freshener.  0% Alcohol, Premium Quality Perfume. 

Blackberries exit where the refreshing notes of strawberries and raspberries predominate with a touch of mediterranean citrus. The fragrance where blackberries and raspberries blend there are floral notes of violets. A sweet, toasty and musky background enriches this fragrance.

How to use:

1. Remove the cap.
2. Introduce the flower in the jar.

3. Watch the flower change from white to purple as it 

    absorbs the blackberry scent. Duration of scent +30

    days (although will last much longer).

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