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The Fruit Company Car Air Freshener - BlackBerry

The Fruit Company Car Air Freshener - BlackBerry

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The Fruit Company are proud that their products are formulated with 0% alcohol. 

This car (van/lorry/caravan) hanging air freshener has a delicious blackberry scent where blackberries exit where the refreshing notes of strawberries and raspberries predominate with the ouch of Mediterranean citrus. The fragrance where blackberries and raspberries blend there are floral notes of violets. A sweet, toasty and musky background enriches this fragrance. 

How to use:

1. Unscrew the wooden (soakable wood) top, pop off the plastic cap and screw the top back on.  

2. Tip the small bottle upside down for 10 seconds and watch the wood soak up the fragrance.  

3. Simply use the string and bead to hand on your windscreen mirror and make the string short to stop the bottle flying around when you are driving.

You will instantly love the smell and every time you exit or enter your vehicle you will be welcomed with the gorgeous fragrance. 

Duration of fragrance up to 45 days.
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