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Vernel Aromatherapy Coconut & Minerals Fabric Softener

Vernel Aromatherapy Coconut & Minerals Fabric Softener

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  • Amazing softness for your clothes, enhancing the comfort of your clothing
  • Smoothness guaranteed: The creamy formula with Vitamin E and natural essential oils ensures incredible softness for your clothes, protect fibres and makes ironing easier
  • Odour neutralisation
  • Exotic and refreshing scent of coconut, creating a tropical fragrance to your clothes that stimulates the sense
  • Aromatic experience that lasts up to 200 days (in clothes stored in the closet) and gives your clothes the perfume feeling like freshly washed with the softener
  • Eco-sustainable pack facilitates recycling ♻️ made with 100% recycled plastic
  • Easy to Use: The user-friendly packaging and easy to pour design allows using Vernel Coconut and Minerals Fabric Softener a breeze
  • Dermatologically tested

Please note: The bottles are filled to approximately 3/4 full by the manufacturer.  This is not a fault.  The correct quantity advertised is in the bottle. Manufacturers often use larger bottles in mass production in the event they ever do a promotion of offering “25% free%, in which they can use the same bottles but fill them up to the top and then just adapt the label.  This saves costs to the manufacturers when manufacturing bottles in large scale production.

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